International Expansion

International Expansion

We meticulously prepare an overseas expansion strategy report that includes basic research for overseas expansion feasibility study, overseas market, customer and industry information analysis, etc. It is not a simple research report, but contains realistic and concrete commercialization plans and development plans.

We will also establish a plan to utilize various government support to reduce the burden on companies, a localization strategy to expand and develop the initial business, and a plan to discover local partners. Furthermore, we will help you with full-scale overseas business such as local marketing and export contract support. Finally, we fully support the establishment of a local corporation and the service of overseas branching.

Create successful overseas business opportunities with GIT’s excellent overseas expansion consulting.

Overseas Expansion Strategy
Finding Overseas Partners
Trade Practice Consulting
Support for establishing a local corporation

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IT Consulting

IT helps IT companies solve complex technology-related challenges, including building IT business models. Technology-related synergies are an important factor in successful M&As, divestitures, and spin-offs, and their importance is often overlooked.

Start-up Support

We provide initial consulting support related to start-up such as selection of start-up items, establishment of business strategies/plans and also marketing/PR.

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Patent Analysis

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We support the production of services such as benchmarking and preliminary research, online business planning, information structure design, prepare overall planning documents and also provide design service.

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We support process planning, service build development, plug-in testing and configuration, customization, and continuous upgrade.