Marketing is a process that involves many factors, including brand image, reputation, customer experience, and product and service quality. In particular, in the recent corporate environment where customer contact points are diversified and customers directly spread their diverse voices, there is an empty space that cannot be filled with just textbook STP and 4P Mix.

GIT pursues marketing that is constantly changing in line with the rapidly changing corporate environment and technological development, and marketing that evolves rapidly. The grand principle of forming friendly relationships with customers has not changed, but we want to fill in the blanks by digging into the latest issues and trends with precision and skill.

Establish a marketing strategy that wins customers’ hearts with GIT’s consulting.

Experience/Service Design
Improving product/market fit
Press release/media
Digital marketing
Social Marketing
Instagram Maketing

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We support overall brand strategy establishment, including brand identity (BI) concept development, brand naming, and brand communication plan.


We support the production of services such as benchmarking and preliminary research, online business planning, information structure design, prepare overall planning documents and also provide design service.


We support process planning, service build development, plug-in testing and configuration, customization, and continuous upgrade.